CEO Greeting

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CEO Greetings


From the past to the future,​
we will do our best to research and technology innovation for Green Mobility pursued by SJG Group.

The SJG Group is the domestic's No. 1 and the world's No. 5 global company in the automotive exhaust system, contributing to creating clean air and sustainable society. On the basis of this growth, there were investments in the establishment of research institute for core independent technology development in 1993 and efforts for continuous technological innovation.

For more than 30 years, we have been continuously developing technologies to strengthen our expertise as a research institute specializing in automotive parts, and we continue to serve as a provider of solutions for global agenda such as climate change and emissions regulation. ​​

The global automotive industry of the future is in need of new changes and technologies that are different from the Green Mobility it has been in. ​
We are developing technologies for electric vehicles and various electric parts, and are accompanied by changes in the future, such as developing/producing core parts for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles for the first time in the world.
To further strengthen the capability of developing eco-friendly automotive technology, we started a new as an independent corporation in 2021.
As a professional technology research institute, we will continue to gain the best technology competitiveness through creative and passionate efforts and lead Green Mobility in the future.

Thank you. ​

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